PLEXIGLASS SIGNS provide you with a premium quality appearance.  This is an excellent method to display your company’s products, services, and offers.  PLEXIGLASS is a glass-looking material which provides the advantage of a lower risk of breakage.  Mounting your designs on or behind a PLEXIGLASS can create a very elegant result for office displays; paired up with elegant chrome stand-offs give your signs quite a modern look.  PLEXIGLASS is also highly recommended on light boxes and pylon signs.

PLEXIGLASS signs are offered in a variety of colors, being the most popular TRANSLUCENT WHITE and CLEAR.  When used is lighted boxes, the light can make the design appear brighter and it is a type of advertisement more economical than LED signs.  On many instances, a PLEXIGLASS can be reused by removing signs and replacing them with new ones; the condition of the material can be judged depending on the exposure to weather conditions.

PLEXIGLASS is a great alternative when choosing professional displays in the office setting.

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